01. Strategic

Our consultants are world-class strategists. We laser-focus our resources to create a bulletproof strategy that will serve as the framework for driving incredible results.

02. Professional

Building a relationship with our clients is something we do not take lightly. Communication, timeliness, and delivery of our services are all held to the highest standard.

03. Loyal

Your business is our business. By treating every company like it’s ours, our motives become mutually aligned, further ensuring we deliver the absolute best solutions.

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Our results speak for themselves. On average, we are able to save our clients an average of 78% yearly when it comes to their fiduciary responsibilities, by offering simple solutions to complex problems.

Clients are so impressed with our work, that nearly half of all clients are still working with us after the first 5 years, a stat that we are quite proud of.






A Team Of Professionals

John Cody, Advia Consulting - Director of Services

John Cody

Member Manager

After 15 years of working in accounting and FP&A positions, John founded Advia Consulting as his latest venture. He holds an MBA from Clarkson University, as well as an active CPA license in the state of Tennessee. His industry exposure spans wide, ranging across healthcare, technology, and manufacturing.

Eric Henderlight, Senior FP&A Consultant - Advia Consulting

Eric Henderlight

Senior FP&A Consultant

Eric brings years of experience in ERP maintenance and implementation as well as FP&A at both startup and midsize corporates. Industry exposure includes Fintech and Insurance Distribution.

How it all began…


Advia Consulting was founded by John Cody, an experienced entrepreneur and seasoned adaptive consultant for enterprise-class clients. This was founded in response to the growing demand for high-quality online bookkeeping, accounting services, and CFO advisory by large clients.

We are a full service virtual bookkeeping firm, and provide consistent, accurate online bookkeeping and accounting services, while removing the burden of having to manage a part-time bookkeeper. We hire only the most talented business and financial consultants from within the United States.

Our team members are incredibly knowledgeable accounting professionals with proven industry experience outside of the public accounting sector.

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At Advia Consulting, we devote our entire focus to offering the most effective and efficient consulting solutions available to date.

We put a huge emphasis on building the right team, and being an innovator when it comes to service, technology, and scalability. We work incredibly hard to make your business as efficient as possible, while streamlining the entire process.

Offering simple solutions that scale with your business is extremely important to us.

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